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Tuber Simulator – Where, What, How?!

Well, it appears that I have been hiding under a rock recently as… Out of the blue, a NEW exciting Youtube simulator game has his the internet called Tuber Simulator.  And yes, you guessed it.  It’s from the global Youtube superstart “PewDiePie”.

It makes sense right.  The guy has millions of fans and makes money from publishing videos themed around the gaming industry.  What better way to really nail his Youtube craft by developing hiw OWN game.  Particularly based on Youtube.

You would not believe the buzz around this game.  It is receiving around 2-3 times the global searches than Tube Tycoon did at its peak and this has literally JUST exploded.

Where will this end up I wonder?

Well, for as long as people are playing at being a Youtuber he has less competition in the real world.

Hat’s off to him I say.

I recommend you download Tuber Simulator today and see what all the fuss is about.

This Guy Is Addicted to Tuber Simulator

Looking for some cool tips and tricks when playing Tuber Tycoon? Jamie shares some tips that will make the new Youtube simulator game more enjoyable.

Think of them as LIFE HACKS!

It’ll help you get on your way to falling in LOVE with Tuber Tycoon and finding your own addition with it.

Tuber Simulator Review – Really? A Million Downloads in Just 24hrs

A great review of PewDiePies new Youtube Simulator game – Tuber Simulator.

He gives you a walkthrough of the game which will help you get started if you are just about to start your own gaming adventure with this.

Johns Take On Tuber Simulator
A Funny Look at the Game

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If you’re looking for a Tuber Simulator Release Date then you’re in luck, as it has already been released.  Download your copy today.