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Become an internet celebrity and join in the fun!

Tube Tycoon, is a Youtube simulator game where you can increase your popularity and become the star.

Youtube Simulator

Interested in becoming a world famous Youtuber? Well, although you can’t beat the real thing (being a star on Youtube) Tube Tycoon will give you a great place to start.  Just to get the excitement building and prepare you for your FIRST bad comment.  It’s always hard to deal with but hey, Youtube comments are full of haters.

Tube Tycoon was the first Youtube simulator of its kind but a new Youtube simulator called Tuber Simulator followed shortly afterwards which took the Youtube and gaming community by storm.  Mostly because it was the creation of MEGA Youtube star – Pewdiepie.

All these Youtube simulators are free and offer FREE game play.

Anyhow, in the video above a real Youtuber “WeaselZone” thought he would try out the recent TubeTycoon game for himself to see what all the fuss is about.

He gives some interesting comparisons to being a real Youtuber.  But, afterall this is a game and if you like playing Youtube simulator games then it’s a good one to get into.  In fact, all of them are.

Another Great Insight into Tube Tycoon (The Original Youtube Simulator)

Wasn’t I JUST talking about experiencing your first hateful comment on the Tube Tycoon game? Well, Jacksepticeye – Another BIG real Youtuber has jumped in with his review video of TubeTycoon, with his personal take on the game that is fast becoming a phenomenon.

It’s worth a watch and will give you another peak inside the Youtube simulation game everyone is going CRAZY about.  However, prepare yourself for those “Haters”.

Tube Tycoon and What the Fuss is All About

Ok, so this might be a little back to front as this was the FIRST video that Jacksepticeye published regarding TubeTycoon BUT no drama… I have included it here anyway.  Man, don’t you just love this guys energy.  I wish I felt like this every morning.  These Youtube celebrities must drink a LOT of coffee.

Tuber Simulator, Just Launched (NEW)